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Winternomics aka “The ❄️ Oracle of 🇯🇲” is a street technician also known 4 surgical precision & just so happens 2 be the younger more handsome cousin of Kazonomics. He’s also the host of WinternomicsTV which delivers clear insights & entertainment by keeping an objective 👁 on a very confused 🌍 that’s gotten drunk from watching 2 much MSM.

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Kazonomics aka “The Weatherman” is a technical analyst with over 20 years of trading experience & a legendary track record of public analysis in capital markets. He has also been a featured guest on CNBC Africa’s CryptoTrader & is the architect of the Binary Fractal Trading model (BFT) & Nebula Project; a community of trader who have been trained in his unique market logic.

Red Pill or GFY 👿


Rise of Shadow

Shadownomics aka “The 👻 of ❄️’s Past” is the hard fork of Winternomics, he is the real vision of 😼-Toshi that literally gives no fucks about any of your Hodl bull 💩. When you believe in your 💜 of 💜’s that you are ready 4 the #RedPill then you are ready 4 #winterafterdark 😈

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