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The #FootPrint of Bias 👁

Many fail 2 see how it could be possible to relate something like Racism or hatred on the scale we see today to reading capital markets.  A great deal of my research centers around human emotions & bias not in just capital markets but in all systems it inhabits.  As behavior is fractal you only need 2 identify it once and you will quickly realize it is the same #footprint in all systems your dealing with.  The specific #footprint we are going to talk about is white nationalist or white superiority bias.  Most of us are familiar with the 3 topics we should never discuss with family & friends: Race, Religion & Politics.  But did you ever stop 2 ask yourself why that is?  It is because it is the 3 things it is impossible to have a logical debate about because they only center around irrational biases.  There is no way to prove anyone is better or their belief or their politician outside subjective bench marks of the individual who believes.  Cognitive dissonance will take hold and remove all information contrary to the subjective observer. The universe is a binary operation just 1’s and 0’s there is no good or bad just winners and losers so this is where the problem begins.

If you build the entire universe using just one pixel all things are fractal, which means all systems are analogous.  Gravitational lensing is what we call it when light emitted from distant galaxies passes through massive objects that have huge gravitational fields which warp the light that passes through it.  In order to understand where the true location of the object is we must recalibrate the warp caused by the lens.  This concept is also true of bias.  As we look at an objective idea or concept it is subject to being warped by our individual biases.  How these biases are shaped elude many peeps who are then at the mercy of their own subject views or bias.

How then does this play into markets or what we are discussing?  How are these biases massively disseminated to the population without them being aware and how could they be impacting your life is the real question?  Well those are good questions I’m glad you asked them so lets take a look at one of the 3 taboo biases we should never discuss which is racism.  What exactly is racism.  More simply it is a hate fractal.  Hate is an emotion which means it will automatically cloud rational thinking.  Logic and emotion do not occupy the same space at the same time. Whether you hate Roger Ver & then watch BCH leave your ass in the dust or you hate XRP and watch it leave your ass in the dust or you hate IDK…you  hated Barack Obama and accidentally let a 9 year Bull market leave your ass in the dust, hate is every bit as illogical as love is.  Both are states or mental retardation and will make you make terrible decisions.  Ever heard the advice don’t make promises when your happy or say things when your mad?  Its because you will say fucking stupid 💩 so you need 2 stfu till you can think straight again.  Its good advice trust me 😇

Racism provides an easy look into the mechanics of hatred.  How it is installed into the populace is much the same as many other biases are installed which is via subtle programming that is widely disseminated & repeated. There are many different mediums this is done by like MSM, Hollywood movies, TV Commercials, Local News, Music, Fashion, & other popular mediums be if online or print news or magazines.   America has made an art form out of this and has done it so consistently those born into the system can barely tell whats happened to them.  The simple truth America like Europe has convinced its citizens Black people are incapable & less intelligent than them by systematic racial programming so much so what most think is normal is actually insanely bias but not to them.  Don’t think this matters then your just unaware you just missed a 23 trillion dollar stock pump the largest on record that was presided over by a black guy.  Want 2 know why most found every excuse not 2 touch it.  Very simple you have been conditioned to think black people are inferior on a ridiculous level.

Beautiful Murderers WTF

Think about it when was the last time you saw a black or middle eastern mass murderer portrayed as handsome, charming, or intelligent?  Does that even sound normal 2 characterize a serial killer this way, not an accident or 2nd degree murderer no but a full blown psychopath?  Nope and you know it doesn’t but this article like many others that do this do a killer job of softening the image of white murders while there is no such thing being done 4 any other race & widely distributed at that.  This is part of machine that creates the bias racial tapestry of the American belief system.


How about every single mass shooter you catch if they are white all have the #MentalHealthCard ready to be played for them by all news outlets?  Its gotten so ridiculous memes like this are all over the web in every country mocking USA for this flagrant bigotry in the way they handle these shooting that are now at epidemic proportions in America.

It doesn’t help that only White Americans are called just plain old Americans while the rest of us get a hyphen so we sound foreign anyway… U know like African-American, Mexican-American but you never here like British-American if thats where they are descended from its just American…This furthers the belief anything else isn’t American.  Its subtle but its consistent and over time it mind fucks you.

Domestic Terror

Why do none of these mass killers have the title Domestic Terrorist attached to their legacy?? Do you suppose a middle eastern guy who drives a truck into a crowd is totally sane but all these guys had a rough time at home as kids?  Do you think anyone isn’t having a rough time at home as kids in any of the Middle Eastern countries USA bombed into the Stone Age right about now?  It doesn’t take a lot to catch this programming & this does spill into other areas of your life without you realizing it & does affect how you are treating people all around you and how you value their skills.



Something as basic as these searches on Google should alarm folks 2 how complete this conditioning is 4 white superiority but even minorities are not realizing it either because you just have never seen it any other way.  This is how it has been all of our lives in American or out of America as this propaganda knows no borders with the reach of their media & Hollywood.  Do we really think there are not any cute babies that are any other colors, or pretty girls from Latin American countries with a super sexy tan, or any successful business men that are asian or black or anything else at all???   If you pump these ideas into a black persons mind from infancy they will not even like who they are.  Beauty is portrayed as young white female so in this country weave is a huge industry to simulate straight Caucasian hair styles.  That is just one example of how crazy this programming is affecting people exposed 2 it.  You also are gonna have a hard time putting your faith in anything your not familiar with which means if you never see a black or brown person portrayed as a success or charming or good looking your never gonna think it on your own either.  (OBAMA BULL MARKET BCH’s  🚀🚀🚀)

Tiny Hands

Why do you think so many scream the president is a racist but his supporters cannot see it.  Only way is if you share the same biases he does so it sounds normal what he is saying.  And what he is saying is the very biases I am showing you that are being pumped into everyones heads on a daily basis.  When his attorney is the closest person to him for the years he’s been and he tells you verbatim what Trump’s behavior toward Obama has clearly shown as he rips down his Harvard Law degree, his race, his heritage, migrants, Mexicans, middle easterners, & women.  He’s not sort of a racist piece of 💩 that is all he is….but if it doesn’t come out of the places that brainwashed you Into believing all black people are criminals and all bad white people have mental issues it won’t be real 2 you because you have been conditioned to accept the authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority & the necessary biases have been installed to make it work.

Equal Under the Law

Its not sort of obvious its only hidden to those who are benefiting from the status quo or perceive they are benefitting.  All of these men should be in jail period & I’ll prolly never look at Jello pudding pops the same ever again either. 🤦‍♂️

Market Bias & Fear

In markets bias is the most lethal thing a trader can have.  Whether you ❤️ or 🖤 a thing its still an emotion and we know we can’t think clearly when we are emotional can we?  Nope.  In 2009 the campaign against Barack Obama can be easily forgotten to the annals of time but for the data whores out there who save info and preserve context and 2nd look might stun you a bit.  A lot of the surging gun crime you see today can be link 2 a surge in gun sales & bullets that begun in the Great Recession but not due 2 reason of increased awareness of personal safety no.  Just fear mongering by a white nationalist base that said, “the Black man is gonna take your guns away.”  You can see the fractal version of the same surge in the 90’s when they tried it with Clinton but its nothing compared to when they got to combine the liberal narrative with the fear of black people the country has built.  These racially charged quotes coming from major leaders in the opposition party serve to provoke those ingrained fears which lead to record gun & bullet sales which sustained Obama’s entire term in office.  Simple statistics would tell you there is no way you can add 10-100x more weapons 2 a closed system and not see gun incidents rising in a correlated fashion only people who suck at math would have a hard time with this.  The mass shooting epidemic is directly relateable to white fear mongering using Barack Obama to scare people your guns were going to be taken away.   Now today all this is conveniently forgotten and the context of whats going on manipulated by MSM 2 hide what was going on here in 2014.  Interestingly that pump looks a lot like the stock market too doesn’t it?  Let’s move on…

Truth Vs Authority

Thank u 4 making the chart so simple even a bigot couldn’t miss it. Make up any other rationale you want 4 how more peeps missed this bull market than ever before don’t worry I’ll wait…..The #footprint was the sentiment read at market lows when I called the bottom of the financial crisis.  The sheer number of affluent whites screaming they would never put $1 behind that N***er right in my face in the Realestate market was the tell.  Was told by fund managers he was ruing the country less than 30 days on the job and every other racist thing Donald Trump has been parroting since he rose to popularity on Birtherism.  The base level conditioning that black people are stupid is exactly why the fewest people in the country put a penny behind the biggest stock run in the country….Over the years I didn’t sort of try to make this point clear but it was to little avail as the programming was just too strong.  The fact that Forbes magazine can say this & it becomes more true to you & everyone else is the actual problem.  This is the MSM confirming what they told you wasn’t true the entire way up the bull market.  It was not true when they said it & now its true when they do.  That is the trick that made peeps miss the bull market.  The mind control of giving you their truth instead of you being able to see it yourself because you have been so heavily condition you cannot think for yourself or believe in your own ideas.  They give you your ideas like this one I’ve been saying for 9 straight years to a bunch of crazies who cannot hear a damn thing unless it comes out of the TV whew….ok now that that is off muh chest lets move on…

From the minute Barack Obama walked in the door the same old tricks began.  Foxnews which had dominated the ratings of primetime cable news at the time and other conservative outlets started 2 slam the incoming black president with every single bias you can imagine 2 provoke fear of Obama which lead 2 fear of taking any chances on an America you felt had been hijacked by some person that was everything else but a fellow American who you felt shouldn’t even be in office.  You started 2 see BS like them instantly correlating the market drop 2 his arrival not the dumb fuck who preceded him for 8 years… Nope Bush had zero effect but 8 hours of Obama = Armageddon.  YES THIS IS FUCKING RACIST… are gonna have to learn 2 be able to deal with that reality or this post will serve you no purpose.  I am the analyst who called this crash so you’re not getting a white guy on TV to confirm 💩 here I am the person who will confirm my own work…See how that conditioning works.  Right you do not need a TV 2 put this together just learn to think for your fucking self and you will be A-OK.

This chart posted in 2011 was a direct attempt to stop peeps from selling BS 2 themselves coming right out of the television.  From the bottom looking at things you could see it was at a heavy discount but the narratives being pushed on TV were also very obvious.  They tried to offload the entire disaster that occurred under George W Bush into Obama’s lap.  The heavy amount of ingrained racism made this really easy to pull off so much so nothing I could put out was able to jar people out of this belief.  Yes I got a lot of typos but muh charts are good and you can get the point on this one if you try a bit 🤓

Even the in the US dollar you could see what was coming, I tried 2 warn peeps of the same bias used 2 push them away from the stock market was at play here too.  If you notice this market actually bottomed right at the beginning of 2008 and was already moving off the lows as they warned “The Dollar will crash under Obama’s failed policys”….the dollar didn’t crash it came back with stocks which means you were double balling the fuck out as your stock & Realestate came back while your currency got stronger with it. That is like the best case scenario you could hope for coming out of the depths of hell we were in.  That BS was a lie & it was racially motivated much like gun sales & the stock market misdirection & swallowed by the masses without a 2nd thought.  This bull run was Obama’s long before Forbes magazine admitted it was & by now you should be able to see what I am getting at but if not lets continue.

I mean seriously how much clearer could I be here on the DXY post.  Mind you this is 2014 and still no one is able to see what is happening right in front of their eyes.

Even tried the less direct approach and made a comic with Obama’s current track record in it in the style of my fav Marvel comics books I used to collect as a kid 😋I did it this way 2 try & poke fun at the situation that I was seeing in 2014 & the sentiment the crypto community was hitting me with which was more white nationalist talking points as crypto at that time was a 99% white male dominated market place. Being that it was an immature market place thought this would help them get just how dumb you had 2 be 2 still be sitting there with your thumb up your ass but bigotry knows no shame or age limit or asset class so that didn’t work out too well either lol…..u still think you can talk your way around this one… you might have the #footprint 😁👉

Don’t care what you say that comic is fucking funny af.  Anyway next we tried a more detailed approach & 2 give better context to the stock market in USA over the last 100 years.  Truth be told its is a combination of Fiscal & monetary policy that must be accounted for & it is monetary policy that has a more significant impact on risk seeking behavior vs risk aversion.  That being said made this chart & posted it on this blog in 2014 titled Objective Trading Decisions 2 try & alleviate some of the bias still flying around in crypto. Since then countless fraud technicians have recreated this chart and posted it as their own.  Anyone you see doing it in crypto twitter stole the idea especially that fat load of lying  💩 Pleb #Imadethis Brandt.  In this chart I made it clear 2 keep free of biases fed to peeps on tv & watch the only party with real power which is the Federal Reserve the real key 2 America’s booms & bust.

This next chart we will call my most annotated chart in history was the most direct I could possibly be about the lies being sold 2 keep people out of a raging bull market.  It literally looks like the mirror image of Clinton’s bull market they tried 2 scare peeps out of by impeaching him & talking about taking away your guns & Monica blah blah blah….but 2 think I would live 2 see the same play work yet again on the entire nation holy fucking shit balls.  Bias is a killer especially when you don’t know you got it.

2015 I tried a much simpler charts 2 get the message across…as you can imagine it fell on deaf ears as trolls were busy lighting me up on twitter & ripping down my character in much the same way they did Barack Obama….fractals are funny like that & this #footprint isn’t specific 2 Obama but very easy 2 recognize.  “Kaz help me learn T”…Ok got it now fuck you die…its how the native Americans lost the country.  it happens 2 all brown people who excel in their fields in a white dominated society. How 2 steal your work and delete the source is a method thats been in practice for sometime.  Hard to deal with that for many but suck it up bch that is wtf your reading in this entire post.

A 23 trillion dollar stock pump the entire country missed cuz they are racist assholes that don’t realize America would come back under a black president.  Yah I said it & you know why I can say it 🤓👉cuz I am the actual analyst who fucking called this from banking crisis to exact low to bull fucking market the entire way up…. Do you feel like you need a TV show 2 tell you what I said is true?  Cuz I got one and I can say it there if you need the reinforcement cuz your too programmed to get the message here.  That would be you having the #footprint of bias right? Right, so you don’t need that cuz you can think for yourself.  You don’t need 2 ask a person who has no fucking clue 2 confirm the work of the architect thats something an asshole would think makes sense but not here so bch pls….Even Warren Buffet did not know where the low was.

Crypto Twitter #Footprint

Crypto Twitter helped expose the #footprint so completely it was ridiculous.  Being that the market when I arrived in 2013 was pretty much 99% white male dominated it was a great sample of the same bias that was dominating MSM & society at large all around me.  It was never a discussion of my work just always another nasty insult about muh poor English or N-word or monkey comments…any code word necessary 2 call me dumb. 2 dumb 2 be able 2 TA stocks or crypto, just some pleb while they deliberatley ignored all of the public works while they attempted 2 misdirect others with vile attacks & smear campaigns.  Now its not that hard to spot is it. Its right in your faces all the time.  Its  one behavior you’re seeing all around you.  Hate being the emotional driver, it was what allowed people 2 mis-price the market under Obama & the analyst they perceived 2 also be a black man who made the call & continued 2 warn them it was a bull market 4 years. Having used an image of popular rap star Wiz Khalifa as my avatar on twitter it exposed much of their bias as they talked to the avatar as if it was really me or in the likeness of who was most likely me.  Add 2 this no one had ever heard of a world class black technician as you have seen you can barely find an image of a successful none white on Google. So this guy had 2 be a fake or something else was the immediate conclusion drawn within seconds of speaking with me. The image triggered the kind of comments you see below & was a dead give away of the same bias I saw in mass that was behind the bull market in US stocks all the way up.  Sorry haters but I am the Michael Jordan of #TA Bch’s you can keep hating won’t change history even if you keep trying 2 delete my work the facts won’t change. I bet you never knew weed could make you say racist 💩before 😂….yah me neither 😒🖕

🔮Buffet Vs The Weatherman Pt 1 ❄️

If MSM media doesn’t tell you that I called the dead low are you still not gonna be able to handle it? If they didn’t come out and just say the entire bull run was Obama’s was it less true prior.  if a tree falls in the woods does it make….u get the fucking point.  If the analyst was a white guy on tv you would run home with this revelation as if it was the word of God & you know it.  This is bar none the biggest market call in history not because Forbes or CNBC told you it was but because the mother fucker who called just told you and that is the only authority on this truth not the TV.  It was missed because no one could believe a black guy would be president during the recovery & because no one believe a brown guy was the most accurate analyst in the world without the white media telling them so 1st.  Since we can’t trust the TV I’m gonna have to inform you of these hard 2 swallow facts.  The bulk of the peeps out there missed this run because we are both the wrong color period…I study human behavior and this is my research no one else had the call 4 so there is no one 2 ratify my words except me.  Let go of the old ways I do not need a TV to make my word more real 2 you, you need 2 pull your head out of your asshole & stop being a conditioned pleb. The fractal of peeps stealing my work and then trying 2 delete me from the internet is very much the exact same fractal #footprint of watching Obama’s work save the country & then watching Trump attempt 2 take credit for all of it while simultaneously trying 2 delete him from the historical record. Its not a different thing its the same #footprint we have been dealing with throughout history.  Fractals are funny like that but make no mistake if you don’t pull your head out of your ass it can cost you million if not trillions.

🔮Buffet Vs The Weatherman Pt 2 ❄️

Bias is a killer in life and markets don’t be that guy or gal.  I’ve out called Buffet not once but twice & all of Wall Street’s best so if you think you’re real sure the race convo is the one call I missed as a specialist on human behavior you might be the one that’s biased.  Sometimes I even wear a white face with a nice suit just like you’re used 2 😉👉 Message over messenger hope you got the fucking message. Happy Trading bch’s 😇

End of Discussion