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The Truth About Money 💰

What is the real truth about💰?  Prolly that most people don’t have a fucking clue about it…if you want to keep it simple.  The subject of money is one of the most important things you could ever educate yourself about but few do.  Knowing how the hell this 💩 really works & what purpose the Central […]

The Fractal Truth of Markets 👁

In spring of 2014 given the current condition of Bitcoin at the time we decided 2 introduced the concept of crash cycles to the crypto markets. A crash cycle pattern is a fractal pattern found in both humans & nature.  In humans this emotional cycle has been observed since the days of tulip mania and […]

The #FootPrint of Bias 👁

Many fail 2 see how it could be possible to relate something like Racism or hatred on the scale we see today to reading capital markets.  A great deal of my research centers around human emotions & bias not in just capital markets but in all systems it inhabits.  As behavior is fractal you only need […]

🔮 Message Over the Messenger 🔮

Many analyst have or will achieve folk lore 4 making one & only one ground breaking call in their careers. What if some clown in a mask had them all in 5 asset classes stocks, commodities, currency, Realestate, & crypto with even more accuracy minus the suit & tie & posted them all publicly???…hell we’ll […]