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Bitcoin vs BTCUSD

What do we look at many assets beyond Bitcoin? Simple to not lose context of what we are really doing when we are trading one asset for another. To be long BTC/USD is different than just owning bitcoin. When we say we are long BTC/USD we are really saying 2 things. We defining an exchange […]

Politics & Media Generated Biases $DXY

The bulk of folks out there debating the pros and cons of the presidents in office is nothing short of amusing.  1st things 1st.  The president literally has nothing to do with the fiscal condition of your country.  I mean like nothing.But since the sheeple love the topic I will entertain it a little.  Here […]

The Truth of BTC (Episode 3: The Invisible Hand….of Belarus)

        1.)    So what is the Truth of BTC?  Where is the Bull market of 2014?  Why did Bitcoin sell off all year long?  Why does Tim Draper purchasing 29k Bitcoin mean absolutely nothing?  How did all of Crypto end up the bag holders of the premier cryptographic currency?  The answer is actually […]