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Bitstamp Do You Know Where Your BTC Is?

Bitstamp cocked and loaded…well that’s the wrong visual but you get the idea.  Sitting in the don’t touch me box for now but should exit soon. Bullish Scenario – we break back above 645 and look for long setups on 1hr time frames or less.  1st stop level would be 633 ish & looking for […]

$100,000 Car Purchase With BITCOIN

Man purchase Tesla Model S using Bitcoin CNNMONEY.  While there still remains some major volatility in the Bitcoin markets there can be no denying its gaining traction world wide. This is a first of its kind, an electric vehicle being purchased with an electronic currency.  More innovations to come I’m sure.    

Bitcoin A Real Currency

It can no longer be ignored, not even by the good old stubborn USA, bitcoin is coming into its own.  Germany now recognizes it as a real currency along side the US Dollar and the EURO.  Americas slow adoption of this digital currency only serves to hamper its progress in the economy of the 21st […]