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Truth of BTC (Episode 2 – Troll Gate)

On the lighter side we will explore a social experiment in markets, behavior, and fractals.  The emotional fractal studied in capital markets isn’t limited to just markets.  It can be applied to anything with humans and their egos involved as it is a study of behavior.  Troll gate began with a moment of boredom and a chart […]

The Truth of BTC (Episode 1- Fractals)

What is a fractal?  Simply it is a self similar pattern repeating at all scales.  Don’t make it more complicated than that.  This logic can be applied to anything if you let go of some conditioning. Keep in mind always they are not limited to a chart pattern.  Human behavior too is also fractal….and since […]

Market Bubble Cycles Overlay

An overlay of major cycles: on top half of major commodity relationships and indexe / On the bottom major national equity indexes Notice that the DOW/GOLD ratio has been in decline since June 1999. The wealth created under Alan Greenspan in has been leaving the USA for 15 yrs now fueling bubbles around the world.We […]

The Truth Will Set You Free… Not The News (Gold Bubble Warning)

1.) Gold is exhibiting scary similarities to past bubbles and following classic bubble structure. 2.) These graphs represent human behavior it doesn’t matter the asset class or the scale of time.  Markets are fractal and exhibit the same structures at all scales of time.3.) Ever wonder why a pump and dump on penny stocks or […]