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The Truth Will Set You Free… Not The News (Gold Bubble Warning)

1.) Gold is exhibiting scary similarities to past bubbles and following classic bubble structure.

2.) These graphs represent human behavior it doesn’t matter the asset class or the scale of time.  Markets are fractal and exhibit the same structures at all scales of time.3.) Ever wonder why a pump and dump on penny stocks or small alt coins looks exactly the same?

4.) The fractal nature of markets means the behavior is the same the only thing that changes in a different scale of time is the amount of market participants.

5.)Pump and dumpers make bag holders out of rookie traders and small groups.  Wallstreet makes “bag holders’ out of entire countries. The game is the same if you really thought about it.  Mainstreem media is the twitter for the pump and dump in larger assets.  K.I.S.S.

6.) Don’t be a bag holder;) Read the charts not the news. GL

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