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What’s In A News Story – Probably Not This!

Dear Main Stream Media With Your Endless Research Budget,

I know a couple hedge funds that would pay through their noses to find out which security this is if they aren’t already part of the volume accumulation I “can” see.  This is when information is valuable….much like a commodity information is most valuable when it is scarce and has utility. Not in the Euphoria phase as is so commonly the practice

This particular “Unknown Symbol” that shall remain nameless for now, is not in any news story I can find.  I have yet to see one person on twitter even mention it.  Even when I search the symbol not one person…unreal!….But its being accumulated like crazy and obvious to a trader what we are looking at and about to see.  A moron can see this without my help.

In time this will be yet another clear demonstration the main stream media hides good opportunities from you when they are actually good opportunities, and then actively works as a giant Pump and Dump network controlling the information and decimating it to a massive and unsophisticated audience knowingly late in order to make everyone that watches them a “bag holder” creating an exit for the  “Smart Money”  who sells off in the “belief” “thrill” and “Euphoria” phases… (phew breathe)

-Wait till you see the horse shit news stories they make up after this one has taken off.  And all the jackasses online who parse over the stories as if they have a shit of a clue what is going on.

All the twitter news junkies will be jockeying among themselves to sound intelligent as they go over the garbage they are fed by their “trusted” news source that never gave you a heads up before it took off.   There conversations will actually sound sensible at times but they are all in the crowd and none of them have any advantage over one another when they are all feeding from the same trough.  Perspective is necessary to see where in this you really are.

When you see people trying to justify a price move to sound like they understood 1st….its just human ego….they are not in it, don’t get it, and have no F***ing clue what they are talking about.  They are actually part of the problem, they are who circulate BS information further exacerbating the climax in the Euphoria and panic phases.

I could pump this one through the moon if I just announced it….but CNBC Cheerleaders and rest of the institutional pump & dump complex will do that for me and with better results than my puny reach could ever generate;)

**Read the charts not the news** GL

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